I'm tired pretending like i'm okay.
Smile every single day because you don't want people know that you're hurt.
They said i have a heart of stone because i'm not effected when you left me.
They said i forgot you. forgot that you ever existed.

To be honest.
i'm not okay
i fake a smile every single day so that i can survive like other kids did.
I played like i enjoyed myself like everyone else did.
I sang like there's no tomorrow.

Actually i'm disguising myself from people around me.
From the people who might feel sad if they knew i'm broken.
i just let it out one day.
and they gave me those sympathy eyes.
and said "you poor little thing."

That's what i'm tired of.
More than faking those happy moments.
I'm tired of sympathies
POSTED BY FaraHadzuan ON 13.4.16 @ 9:30:00 pm
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